The Conferences at The Future Health Show deliver a world-class learning programme featuring cutting edge content by innovators, thought leaders and inspirational figures tackling the most pressing global health challenges of today.

In 2021 there will be two content theatres – the Main Stage and the Innovation Showcase. Speakers will offer insight and intelligence unparalleled in the UK – you’ll learn from a wide range of cutting edge solution providers, government officials, industry experts, policymakers and those shaping the future of healthcare from around the world.

Main Stage

The Main Stage is as the name suggests the premier discussion and thought leadership forum across the entire event. Here the most prolific speakers from the industry discuss trends, analysis, healthcare infrastructure, new initiatives, ground-breaking solutions and the complexities of adoption and implementation. From chronic care support to precision medicine, from artificial intelligence to drug-less therapies, from cost reducing strategies to investment in startups, we’ve got it covered!

Innovation Showcase

This arena is all about showcasing the most innovative products, services and solutions and illustrating how they have had a progressive and positive impact on the industry. The sessions will offer an audience made up primarily of buyers, distributors and investors, an opportunity to hear first hand about the benefits and impact these products have had in real life case studies.