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In 2015 in Computer Engineering Department of Baskent University "Urodynamics Training Kit" project was started as a Graduation Project. After a year working under the supervision of Computer Engineering's and Medical School's faculty members, the project was honored to be supported by the Ministery of Science, Industry and Technology. The ORUFLOW Self Operating Uroflow, developed in continuation of innovative Research and Development studies, is the first application of the worldwide trend of carrying pre-screening health tests outside the clinic in the area of urology. With the aim of becoming a global Turkish medical technology start-up Oruba is rapidly continuing its studies.

Our platform provides the means to perform hearing tests for screening, diagnostic and fitting. We make use of the most innovative technologies to offer solutions that are cloud based, digital and mobile. 


Our turnkey solutions are designed for retailers, digital health providers, screening practitioners, physicians and audiology professionals.

Established in over 260 UK hospital sites, Tutela Monitoring Systems, part of Checkit UK Limited, offers a complete, robust, flexible and future‑proof automated monitoring solution.

Certified to ISO9001:2015, and first launched over 20 years ago, Tutela is the world’s largest independent healthcare and life science temperature monitoring and data insights platform for management of critical temperature sensitive biological assets and products.
Working with partners in the NHS, private healthcare, pharmaceuticals and life sciences, and retail healthcare sectors, Tutela provides real-time monitoring and manned alarm calling service 24/7 all year, offering insights that support improved quality, regulatory safety and compliance.


Active Hands is a small family-run business making and selling products to assist reduced hand function (due to Spinal Cord Injury, stroke, Cerebral Palsy and more). Our mission is to help people achieve more active and inclusive lives – giving them independent access to a variety of activities, in the home, the gym, and out and about, that would be impossible without our range of products.


Cardiomo is the powerful and easy solution for monitoring heart health in real time. Our non-invasive wearable technology keeps doctors and loved ones in the loop about a patient's heart condition by providing an up to the minute data dashboard and alerts system when unusual behavior is detected.

The company was started from a background of more than 12years experience in the health sector. Our aim is to provide cost effective, quality consumable products. We currently supply to a number of NHS Trusts, and have added a few products at the trusts request

Where they were no longer able to source them. We are a small team headed by Colin and Kristine Newton, our approach is personable and our service is dedicated to provide what is needed.