The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) has evolved throughout the years to reflect the growing needs of our members and encompass all of the specialist services available within the built environment.

Gilling Dod’s architectural portfolio extends nationwide, well beyond its early roots in the mercantile evolution of Victorian Liverpool. The Practice’s heritage stretches back to 1882 when William Willink opened the first office in Lord Street, Liverpool.

Over the ensuing years the Practice went on to be involved in some of Liverpool’s finest buildings. Perhaps the most famous being the Cunard Building. Grade II listed, it occupies an unrivalled waterside position taking centre stage as one of the city’s famous ‘Three Graces’, sited between the Port of Liverpool Building and the Royal Liver Building. It is also part of Liverpool’s UNESCO designated World Heritage Maritime Mercantile City.

Our ethos is simple: we stay focused on the needs of our clients and never rest on our successes. A real commitment to quality and innovation drives us on and underpins all we do. We have a strong belief in good architecture. We work with integrity, trust and transparency and look to build strong relationships with clients on all our projects regardless of size, value or prestige.

Jenssen Architecture