Digital Technological Advances
Get Animated Medical are a digital production studio specialising in medical communications. We create and deliver evidence based, strategic brand communications for progressive marketeers eager to deliver product and therapeutic information in innovative and engaging ways. Our award-winning team includes a variety of experienced and talented experts with a high degree of inspired creativity, technical skills, commercial awareness and professional passion. We successfully blend science, art and strategy to achieve your commercial objectives.

We are a small values driven UK company with a big heart and a great product - the Pi dashboard. Our sole focus is supporting our Channel Partners in taking our BI software to market. Our vision is to be the BI Partner of choice for Technology Providers. Our mission, which is Building Remarkable Partnerships, underpins our vision. This is a never ending journey that begins from the very first contact with each new prospect

As the world’s first cloud-based eProcurement company, we at ELCOM have focused decades of know-how on pioneering flexible proprietary technology with one aim: to help our clients simplify, optimise and energise their Supply Chain.

Our teams – made up of world-class experts in eInvoicing, eProcurement, and eFunding – are dedicated to meeting our customers’ demands at both a global and local level. And unlike most other procurement software, which forces users to adapt to it, we at ELCOM adapt our technology to you.

Leading the way in integrating Health, Care and Well-being online, MyLiferaft supports the growing need for individuals, and their carers, to take more ownership of their care. A sophisticated platform to store and connect health and well-being information, MyLiferaft cuts out the frustrating repetition and inconsistency that can exist across an individual`s care network. Linking social services, NHS GP, hospitals, practitioners and family members as required, it`s a straightforward, effective and essential tool within the rapidly expanding Health Technology sector.

Using MyLiferaft lets you:

• Store your health and care information (and then control who sees it).

• Create your hospital passport (information for hospital staff that isn`t all about illness).

• Keep track and be reminded of appointments and assessments.

• Share your care information with those who support you.

• Hear about new technology solutions and how they can help you.

The founder of MyLiferaft is Nicola Murgatroyd, her daughter, Faith had Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. Together they faced an uphill struggle managing Faith`s different care needs. Not one to sit around grumbling about this, Nicola created MyLiferaft for the benefit of everyone caring, or being cared for.  My personal experiences gave me a first-hand insight into the problems and challenges faced by people who live with a long-term condition. I realised that gaps in shared information across health and social care existed. However, there are ways to make life easier for everyone whatever their circumstances, and that`s what we have created with MyLiferaft - a tool which helps you to let others know what you want`

The Webformed philosophy is simple: we make our technology fit your processes, your team and your business needs. We deliver greater efficiency and control without turning your organisation upside-down.

The CareForIT platform is established as the most technically advanced and comprehensive solution for managing social care commissioning and service delivery. We achieved this through continuous investment in developing the system and by working closely with partners at every stage of the care delivery process.

Keeping your company and user data secure is a priority. All data is stored in the most secure data centres in the UK and we’re proud to have earned the rigorous ISO 27001 certification for data security.

Our mission is to take complexity and wasted effort out of the entire social care process, from commissioning and brokerage through to delivery and compliance

Omega Plastics Group provides a range of low to high volume rapid tooling and specialist multi-use injection moulding services. Providing a full turn-key solution, we aim to service the needs of our customer base, offering services that can take your project from concept, through to manufacture, assembly and dispatch.

With a collective goal to make Omega Plastics Group the most advanced and technically competent toolmaker and plastic injection moulding company, our two North East facilities, Signal Plastics and Omega Plastics, are complimented with professional and knowledgeable engineers who are ready to provide you with a high quality service using the latest machinery and technologies.
Through recognition and loyalty, our expert team of engineers are the reason behind where we are today, and our significant growth is an acknowledgement of that. We currently employ over 100 skilled personnel across our two locations.

COHESION® Medical is a citizen-centred digital health company, seamlessly connecting global citizens with services and sciences. COHESION has developed a big-data superhighway to transform global health; spanning the whole life journey and grounded on core human rights. Our AI-driven technology improves health experiences, making citizens more empowered, services more efficient and sciences more innovative, altogether improving population health and precision medicine opportunities. Our goal is to make health more affordable, accessible and inclusive by building better health experiences for everyone.

TPP is a healthcare technology company, dedicated to delivering world class healthcare software in the UK and internationally.

Our philosophy is to join up healthcare based on a shared electronic medical record, improving access to clinical data and empowering patients to take part in their own care. Our core product, SystmOne, makes this possible and is used by over 200,000 clinicians across 7,000+ organisations. 

Medesk is medical practice management software that makes work with patients and medical data easier for practitioners, receptionists and practice managers. 

As the practice manager, you'll get a complete account of how your practice is running. We provide a full range of statistics on phone calls, medical services rendered, patient retention rate and doctors' workload distribution. In the meantime, your patients will get automatic reminders of the dates and times of their appointments, and they'll be able to book an appointment online at their own convenience.


"PeekMed is a patented 3D pre-operative planning system for orthopedic surgeons which aims to help young surgeons to achieve the best outcomes, as more experienced surgeons. PeekMed system is a software-based medical device trialed by +1600 orthopedic surgeons from 35 countries, FDA cleared, CE marked and ISO13485:2016 approved. The system can also be easily integrated with 3D printable PSI guides and Navigation/Robotic solutions."
Healthy hearing for everyone, everywhere. Affordable access to hearing care using smart digital health solutions that anyone can use, anywhere. We are a vision-led, value-driven company chasing impact. Our core values are people-first, quality innovation and trust.

18Loop deploys VR headsets and Robots to help kids with cancer to tolerate treatment, recover and thrive. We are now launching a Pilot program designed to support the scientific findings that these technologies can be immediately beneficial to our kids. We will measure results qualitatively and quantitatively. Our findings will drive the further distribution of the tech as well as 18Loop's advocacy and awareness campaign. Eventually, pending our HIPAA compliance, we will make analytics-based decisions on technology deployment with the help of our future data science initiative.

In 2014, four innovative GP Partners at the Hurley Group in South East London pioneered the delivery of the first online consultation. They wanted technology to help them work smarter, and quickly grew to become the NHS’s leading online consultation provider.Since 2017 they have been developing a future blueprint for the delivery healthcare through a digital-first mode.
Kafoodle Our goal is to transform diabetes care through low-cost population-based solutions delivering data-driven knowledge and automated self-management advice to patients and health care professionals, improving care, saving lives and saving money. Our flagship product, the multi-award winning My Diabetes My Way (>50,000 registrants), is an interactive website/app enabling health record data/home recorded data reporting, and providing QISMET accredited structured education and secure remote communication tools. MyDiabetesClinical is a complementary clinician facing, decision support tool and population analytics/ risk prediction platform
Aseptika Limited began developing Activ8rlives in 2010 and is currently developing its third generation of integrated systems, which can be used by consumers and their healthcare service providers using a wide range of platforms or devices to better enable effective and easy self-monitoring. Incorporating sensors and monitors ranging from consumer accessories to in vitro diagnostics (IVDs), the systems currently focus on respiratory and cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, promoting physical activity and weight management.
Kafoodle are an award-winning B2B SaaS company on a mission to digitise commercial kitchens and connect their customers with the food they need. Their cloud-based solutions have gained significant traction in an increasingly demanding landscape driven by increased consumer demand for transparency, a rise in food allergies, and tightening food legislation. Commercial kitchens are still largely Excel or paper-based and there is a low level of IT literacy, particularly in healthcare and education. Our food, allergen and nutrition management software is designed with chefs and radically easy to use to make sure that we can improve nutrition and food safety in a variety of areas.